Say Hello to the New Generation of Photo Booths


360 Video Booth

The 360-video booth puts your guests in the spotlight to create an epic slow-motion video that is perfect for sharing on social media! For corporate clients our goal is to increase engagement, make lasting impressions, and elevate the overall experience!

How it Works
  1. Up to 4-5 Guests begin their 360 Video Experience by stepping onto the 48” platform. Once guests are in place it’s time for the remote arm equipped with a video camera to rotate in blissful isolation around the platform!
  2. Guests can strike a pose, bust out their best dance move, look right at the camera, or all the above all while laughing and having a good time with their best smile on! Kick it up a notch by adding special effects as simple as rose petals or confetti to throw in the air or even elevate the atmosphere by adding cold sparklers, CO2 canons, glam fans, bubbles, custom props, and/or theatrical lighting!
  3. The production software will then produce an instant video with special effects (ie slow motion), music, automation, image overlays all baked right in. The video can be viewed and, also shared via text or email and bounced to any of the favorite social networks for the guest’s followers to like and comment on.
  4. A link from event will be provided that will include all videos. The entire collection and can be downloaded and shared. Metrics and be provided by request.
What is provided?

A booth that is built to withstand concert-scale crowds and provide clients that demand the best a top-notch experience.

  • 360 Degree Platform Assembly with Isolation Stabilization with telescoping camera arm with extensions.
  • Event Staffing – Project Manager & 360 Booth Operator – The project manager will help explain how to get
  • Software Production – Automation & Server – Configured Record Time, Automatic Content Download, Camera with Configuration, Video Automation with Rendering, Editing, Effects, Music, Overlays
  • iPad Sharing Stations* with Stands – This enables guests to share via email and text message.
  • LED Booth Lighting Set
  • 4-6 Booth Stanchion Sets for safety and crowd control

*Client is required to supply non-firewall and non-splash page Wi-Fi with designated login & password. We will bring a backup hotspot; with great AT&T service the sharing station is fully functional, with poor service we can’t guarantee sharing as an option. Sharing depends on data speeds.

Optional Backdrops
  • 8′ x 8′ Custom Booth Wrap (One-Side) with Stand
  • 180 Degree Custom Exterior Graphic Print – 180 Degree Enclosure with Assembly (10′ Diameter, 8′ High), Includes Design, Frame, & Fabric
  • 360 Degree Custom Interior/Exterior Graphic Print – 360 Degree Enclosure with Assembly (10′ Diameter, 10′ High), Includes Design, Frame, & Fabric

Have an idea in mind? Contact us, we’re here to help you create a unique setup!

Optional Add-Ons

  • TV with Floor Stand for Live View Monitoring on a big screen
  • Confetti
  • Glam Fans
  • Bubble Blower
  • Custom Props
  • Theatrical Lighting
  • Fog Machine
  • CO2 Cannons
  • Cold Sparklers
  • Red Carpet

    Social Booth

    Meet the next generation of photo booths. Step up to the large touch screen and select your experience. The Social Booth shoots both animated gifs and classic stills. Once captured, images are delivered via SMS text or email for sharing to social feeds. This compact little photo booth brings big fun!

    What’s Included
    • 3 hrs activation
    • Event host
    • Social sharing (instant text/email delivery)
    • Personal micro site for guests to view & download images
    • Custom single frame 4″x6″ image overlay
    Optional Add-Ons
    • Additional hours
    • Backdrop
    • Dedicated sharing station kiosk for busy events

    This is what our photo booths are all about:
    less box, more experience. 


    Memory Booth

    A perfect way to video record your guests and let them share how much they love you! The booth can be customized to give your guests prompts to sing, dance, leave words of encouragement, and much more! Messages can be keepsakes that you can revisit for years to come! Corporate clients looking for uncut customer feedback on a product, give a review, or answer a video prompt question!

    What’s Included
    • 3-Hours of Service (additional time available)
    • Memory Booth this includes a video camera, great lighting, and software programming.
    • On-Site Event Host who will be responsible for setting up before your event, help guide guests using the booth, and ensure everything runs smoothly, and that every guests walks away with a smile.
    • Post event video gallery All your videos will be uploaded to see all the fun and great photos captured at your event!
    Optional Upgrades
    • Backdrop selection from our in-stock inventory – Many options to pick from – check them out here
    • Custom Branded Backdrop – Most popular with corporate clients for step and repeat or enhance the brand experience!
    • Custom Branded Kiosk Wrap – this is a perfect complement with a branded backdrop to making impact at your event
    • Idle Time – need us to set up extra early before our services starts
    • Travel – varies depending on event location

    Best Time Ever!

    The photo booth was really fun! All of our guests loved it!

    -Anya & Desmond


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