Group holding Subaru and #beast365 signs posing in the Subaru branded backdrop photo booth

Outdoor Photo Booth Rentals: Elevate Your Event with Fun and Style


When planning an outdoor event, adding an engaging and memorable activity is essential. An outdoor photo booth rental or an open air photo booth rental can provide that extra touch of excitement, ensuring your guests have a blast while capturing priceless moments.

Why Choose an Outdoor Photo Booth Rental?

Spacious and Inviting: Open air photo booths are perfect for larger groups, allowing more people to fit into each shot without the constraints of an enclosed booth. This setup encourages more interaction and fun among guests.

Versatile and Customizable: Our outdoor photo booth rentals come with various customization options to match your event’s theme. From branded backdrops to themed props, we ensure your photo booth experience is tailored to your needs.

Highlighting Our Corporate Event Successes

At Pixel Pod, we’ve had the privilege of bringing our outdoor photo booths to numerous high-profile corporate events. Below are a couple of standout examples.

Subaru Winterfest at Bear Mountain in Killington, VT

Our outdoor photo booth was a hit at the Subaru Winterfest. Set against the stunning backdrop of Bear Mountain, guests enjoyed taking photos with winter-themed props and sharing their experiences online. This event demonstrated how an outdoor photo booth could amplify the fun and engagement at a corporate event. Read more about the photo booth at Subaru Winterfest.

Coca-Cola’s “Share in the Holiday Magic” at Killington Resort

For this holiday-themed event, we provided a print booth and social sharing station at Killington Resort. The booth, adorned with festive decorations, helped spread Coca-Cola’s message of holiday cheer. Guests could instantly print their photos and share them on social media, creating a memorable experience that resonated with the brand’s joyful spirit. Read more about the branded Coca-Cola photo booth at Killington Resort.

Benefits of Renting an Open Air Photo Booth for Your Event

Enhanced Interaction: Open air photo booths encourage guests to interact with one another, making it a social hub at your event. It’s a great way to break the ice and foster connections.

Instant Sharing: With our social sharing stations, guests can instantly upload their photos to social media, spreading the word about your event in real time.

High-Quality Prints: We use top-notch printing technology to ensure that guests leave with high-quality photo prints as keepsakes from your event.

Choosing the Right Outdoor Photo Booth Rental

When selecting an outdoor photo booth rental for your event, consider the following:

Location: Ensure the booth is set up in a scenic and accessible location that maximizes its appeal and functionality.

Setup: Choose a rental provider that offers professional setup, on-site support, and maintenance throughout your event to ensure smooth operation and guest satisfaction.

Custom Features: Look for rental options that offer customizable features like branded backdrops, themed props, and social sharing capabilities.

Partner with Pixel Pod

At Pixel Pod, we specialize in creating unforgettable photo booth experiences tailored to your event. Whether you’re hosting a corporate gathering, a wedding, or a festival, our outdoor open air photo booth rentals are designed to enhance the fun and capture every moment.

Book a booth with Pixel Pod today and make your event stand out with engaging and memorable photo booth experiences!